Entry #11

What a wonderful day!

2011-08-16 16:34:23 by StrangeClock

Clock Day 2011 has come and gone. True, the Portal doesn't get flooded as it did a few years back, but the submissions that did hit Newgrounds - aside from a wide repetition of B parody movies - were of some awesome quality. Click something at random in the Clock Day 2011 collection and you're likely to find a movie made with obvious passion and love.

I'm proud to be a Clock and to have been a part of this day. On to the next 10 years of B!


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2011-08-16 17:06:24

it was my first clockday and it was awesome.


2011-08-16 18:46:22

Clock day is awesome, it deserves it's place in NG!


2011-10-03 21:12:45

thanks, for beeing such a good clock(and sport) and motivating/and helping us all too become better. i hope you will do more movies this year.

wanna B friends?

also: want 2 post for TIEM?


2014-08-03 13:03:45

I don't think he will come back anymore. :(


2017-08-17 10:10:06

I miss you Strangeclock. I hope you're doing well, whatever you're up to.