One week until Clockday X!

2011-08-08 07:49:57 by StrangeClock

B-lieve it! Just seven more days and the Clock Crew will be celebrating its 10th birthday on Newgrounds! 10 years of Flash masterpieces, of B and StrawberryClock, OrangeClock, RaspberryClock and AppleClock, and the thousands that followed in their footsteps. The internet is a fleeting and fickle medium, and so it is that much more remarkable that the Clock Crew has held its ground for a solid decade.

Naturally this will be cause for celebration in the manner Newgrounds has come to expect from us: by releasing hundreds of long-slaved-upon Flash masterpieces onto the Portal, hopefully with a vigor and volume the likes of which has never been seen before! Remember that the Clock Crew loves everyone, so Clocks and non-Clocks alike are welcome to express their congratulations for this incredible milestone.

A week is not long when it comes to Flash masterpieces, so get cracking friends!

One week until Clockday X!


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2011-08-08 08:50:13

Happy upcoming clock day :)


2011-08-08 10:00:49

There's a very short period of time in Internet Allstars where a picture of SBC is kicking Cpt.Falcon's ass. We did that for this very special occasion. Happy upcoming clock day! Can't wait to see all the amazing movies :)


2011-08-08 11:45:08

I heard you guys didn't even have a preloader yet. Tom Fulp won't stop promoting Madness day instead of Clock day, just look at his newsposts. Nothing for Clock day seems to have been planned. It's definitely not going well, but I am very happy to hear from one of my most favourite clocks! I hope your submission this year is awesome.


2011-08-08 12:59:42

Hahah. Watch, they actually overload the portal with crap and the entire website just shuts down.



2011-08-08 20:25:44

that seems great.
i love you, and your works, and i wish one day i will be in one of them/star in one of them/draw me/B friends.

you rock sir.

-what happened 2 lord of the clocks?


ps. i support ur work.
happy clockday!