Happy Clock Day 2009!

2009-08-15 01:41:08 by StrangeClock

The Clock Crew keeps on ticking. 8 years! It's incredible.

Though I haven't been active in the Clock Crew anymore in the past year or two, it's impossible to let the occasion of Clock Day go by unnoticed. At the same time, it's a little sad to conclude that I simply no longer have the luxury of dedicating much time to it, or the short video I made wouldn't have been such a rush job. Or maybe I should have just started much earlier, the age old Clock Day mistake.

Anyway, make the most of this day, when B adds another notch to its mighty red bark. Laugh, be touched, appreciate, and above all realize today is a day to remember that the internet is a silly place to enjoy yourself and not take things too seriously. Take time out to find a few Clock Day gems that run the risk of suffering underexposure, and drop their creators a note. Visit your local youth center and spread the good word about Donald Duck Porno and sss. The power is yours.

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