Happy Clock Day!

2008-08-15 09:12:09 by StrangeClock

Seven years! Can you believe that?

Have a good Clock Day, Clocks and Newgrounders alike!


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2008-08-15 10:13:39

Happy clocks day! :D


2008-08-15 13:28:44

no no I can't
Didja makesomethin?


2008-08-15 14:07:25

Where the fuck is my Lord of The Clocks?


2008-08-15 14:58:02

no lord of the clocks? :(


2008-08-15 15:10:13

your lack of submission disturbs me


2008-08-15 16:32:37

Where is your submission for today? T_T


2008-08-15 17:37:25

you can demostrate your love to the day with an animation if you want


2008-08-15 18:15:20

you are my favorite clock


2008-08-15 20:30:14

Happy Clock Day strange!


2008-08-15 21:12:09

You didn't submit anything of your own? :'(


2008-08-16 02:27:24

Ah don't listen to them. We love you anyway.


2008-08-16 19:12:42

Why didnt you submit a flash damn you strange

you...were...the funniest...one


2008-09-01 06:13:58

hi strange, it's so cool to be writing to a famous clock anyway as you can see i am biege clock, i am a huge fan and i love you're flash, i have known you for ages and i have a very special request, can you find it in you're heart to give me a chance to star in you're next movie, please for a fellow clock, if you say yes i don't mind if i get killed or somthing in fact i don't mind what you do to me but please give me this very special chance

p.s. if you don't know what biege is it is a pale type of coulor.


2008-09-07 12:24:06

You there, Clock!
I am Dr. Eggman, the new ruler of the Clock Crew and I order you to spam the portal relentlessly with as many [CC] Flash as you possibly can! Today is the day we rage war on all spam groups who dare stand against us, and as a member of the Clock Crew it is your job to spread that title to as many parts of this site as you possibly can!
Now is our time to take over Newgrounds, I trust your fully prepared!


2008-09-26 12:39:33

Actually your Clock Day submission submitted two years ago (The Story of Clock Day) is something I thought that was so good that I've been voting five on it every day since July.


2008-11-29 21:57:01

Come back strange! come on for me?


2009-02-07 22:47:58

um strawberry isnt replying to my pm to become a clock wtf? its there another way to be an offisally clock can you grant my clock i-tude? well when you coment on this coment, coment on my page or pm me...please...


2009-02-14 23:25:44

your not putting out enough flash, clock maker


2009-04-22 14:45:53

thank you!!!!(even though it;s no were neer clock day!!!!)!!!!!!


2009-08-06 15:16:29

submitting anything this year?


2009-08-15 19:08:49

When will we has our Lord Of the Clocks sequel? D: