Clock Day is near...

2007-08-12 13:45:44 by StrangeClock

Just a few more days till Clock Day 2007, and I'm sorry to say, I've barely been able to prepare. I knew a new Lord of the Clocks part was a no-no practically since just after last Clock Day -- much as I hate to disappoint the people who've been getting a kick out of those, I'm likely completely done with that series. Too much meticulous work for something that amounts to a very straightforward re-enactment with just a bit of parody. Besides which, my efforts in Flash have been pretty limited for about a year now - I'm not sure what's changed, but after Clock Day 2006 I found myself unable to shake the post-Clock Day rut and really commit myself to an animation again. I mean, you can see my movies between then and now aren't very animation-heavy (the Estranged Family movies I made months earlier).

Anyway, the prospect of Clock Day generally tends to urge me to work hard on something again, but unfortunately I'm in the middle of a pretty grating, fulltime internship, leaving me with very little time and very little creative energy on account of not enjoying myself much.

So hopefully I'll have at least something to leave my mark on the Portal come wednesday, August 15th, it just won't be something remarkable or big. Of course there'll be plenty of great Clock movies from other authors just like every year.

I want a good, clean Clock Day outta all o'ya! Let's get it on!


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2007-08-13 13:32:56

WHAT! you haven't made it yet! I know that clockday is REALLY near but I would've thought you would have made one by now! ok I'll help it be good and clean


2007-08-13 16:03:23

Hi!!! I can't wait for Clock Day!! Even though I can't make anything for it. :(


2007-08-14 20:38:37

don't worry baby, you know we will still love you. anything you put out on the portal will make me smile :)

plus i'm already happy, i already got mah cameo in a lord of the clocks, BUAHAHAHA.



2007-08-15 01:05:44

This news is rather disappointing. You're one of the few clocks out there that makes Clock Crew flashes I enjoy watching. This year's Clock Day won't be the same without a great flash coming from you. :/


2007-08-15 05:31:01

hooray for clock day! finally i can leve my post at the portal storms and celebrate!


2007-08-15 07:15:11

Your re-enactment nitch was filled with the new Sin City parody. It made the worries go away.


2007-08-15 08:01:28

Oh man... I was really starting to get used to Lord of the Clocks. It's freaking amazing. But, I understand it. If you went on to release one part for every movie per year, it would have taken 15 years or so. =\


2007-08-15 10:58:54

Your a great artist. Your probably the best clock. Its a bummer that you wont make any more of the lord fo the clocks flashes. They were a great birthday present for m,e last year ( my birth day is the 16th so i get to watch clock flashes as my b-day gift from newgrounds)


2007-09-09 00:21:40

Just make lord of the clocks 3 VERY quickly recapping everything that happens, please, we want parody :(.